Graphic Design Work

What to expect? A graphic artist at heart with a technical background. Once heard to say "While it needs to work, it needs to look good too."

Picture to go with a Story

Good graphics attract the eyes. We had a short story to tell and needed an accompanying photograph or graphic to attract the reader to the story. Since we were talking about the story behind the name "Charlotte's Law" we decided upon a graphic that made the name and logo the central element as the website visitor read the story. 

A painting from a badly cropped photograph

These two horses, Mia and Dusty, were the Queen and King respectively of the Korns horse range. The best photo we had of them together was "not so great" because it cropped off Dusty's ears. We decided to zoom into their heads, fix the ears, extend the sky upward, use a graphic filter to make photo look like a painting and then matted the whole thing. 

Social media icons

An important component of a website is the inclusion of a small icon reflceting the website or business. The icon can be used for a number of things including what's called a Favicon used to identify the website's bookmark and a browser tab. They also serve to identify posts on social media sites. The icon needs to be identifiable when displayed in a small square or circular area. Here we took the established Linda Martel Interiors logo, extracted the "L", the "M" and the "i" and merged this LMi badge icon with the the website's color palette to generate a set of icons for various uses.

Evolution of a military coin

The military has a tradition of challenge coins bearing an organization's insignia that is carried by it's members. When the Texas Army National Guard 236th Engineering Batallion deployed to Afghanistan in 2011-2012 the 1st Platoon, named Crazy Horse, needed a challenge coin developed. An artist member of the platoon sent home proposed Crazy Horse artwork for their insignia which we took and molded with a "phrase often heard" around the platoon to develop the drafts and final coin seen here.

Group photos aren't always easy

On my last day of work I managed to get a group photo of all the co-workers I was going to miss working with. Turns out not everyone was there that day and given flu season and vacation days it took another 7 photos over several weeks to get everyone's photo. I had the pleasure of cutting, pasting and cropping the add-on photos to assemble this shot of 38 of my favorite co-workers.


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