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Web Design in Today's Market

What used to require technical Internet skills has evolved into a consumer market with many companies offering casual computer users the ability to build their own websites. Read our free ebook Why you Don't Need a Web Designer to understand these choices and which apply to your web business or concept.

We put You in the Driver's Seat

We've selected a set of easy to use yet powerful platforms to develop your solution. When your website is done we teach you how to drive it and turn the keys over to you. We can retain a set of keys so we can help you at a moment's notice if you'd like, but our motto is "Sharing methods that put "you" in control". 

Platform Choices

We work with more than one website builder and hosting company. We'll help you choose. 

Platform Pricing

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Web Design Package Rates

See package rates followed by options below


Custom design with
choosen Website Builder

  • Up to 8 pages
    Some client work required to go live

  • Ideal for DIY'er who wants the structure built and they will finish it out.
  • Descriptive text may consist of filler-text intended to be replaced with knowledge provided by the customer later.
  • Photos and artwork provided from customer and free stock photo libraries. 
$ One-time Fee


Custom design with 
choosen Website Builder

  • Up to 16 pages
    Ready to go live upon completed

  • Ideal for the client who needs the website fully furnished and ready to go online.
  • Descriptive text researched, written, formatted, entered, customer reviewed &  approved and fInal edits applied.
  • Photos and artwork provided from customer and free stock photo libraries. 
$ One-time Fee


Price determined from a detailed design and platform selection

  • Over 16 pages and/or
    with an Online Store
  • Ideal in cases where the size or complexity needs to be analyzed. 

  • To Be Determined

  • To Be Determined

$ One-time Fee

Click the Add-On options below related to the packages above:


All packages require a \00 non-refundable down payment which is applied towards the package price


BASIC and ADVANCED Packages: Subtract 50 if redesigning an existing website when most of the content will be brought into to new website. Leveraging descriptions and unlicensed photos and art from your previous website make the project easier.


BASIC and ADVANCED Packages: Add $50 to setup domain email. Also Includes setting up your desktop, laptop and phone to access inbox


BASIC and ADVANCED Packages: Add $50 to use Adobe Stock photography and artwork in your website. Examples at https://stock.adobe.com

Web Design Work Portfolio

Click tabs to view previous projects

Interior Design

This Commercial Interior Design client wanted a website that would describe their services, share before and after photos from past project, introduce the founder's style personality and build off of and complement their exising logo and business card format. Working together we collected, organized and edited nearly 50 project photos, stock photos and graphics along with copy that tells an extremely compelling story.

Inform on One-Page

Our client for OpenMindKY had a complex topic which they wanted to present in a professional yet fun and interactive way. A one-page design was employed including text blocks, quotes, user stories, videos, endorsements and a short demonstration. This site used a free desktop website builder and template and is hosted on a reputable hosting provider.

Legal Recruiter

This is an example of a website redesign. The prior website required dealing with two companies and two ongoing fees. Using the latest technolgy and a single provider the website was rebuilt from the ground up using a legal template, stock photography and text content derived from the previous site. This client can now maintain their site themselves, can publish articles with the built-in blog, and pay lower fees to a just one company.


This blogger needed top-of-the-line blog features with a single-provider arrangement. We are designing and building the complete solution including new domain registration, easy blogging, categories and tags, article search, posting on Facebook and Twitter, registering users for an optional newsletter, with a creative logo and "modern newspaper" look and feel. 

Database WebApp

When the iPhone was introduced there was no ability to add Apps, only WebApps. WebApps were websites accessed behind home screen buttons that looked and acted exactly like Apps. A storage company with onsite engineers servicing 450 devices spread randomly throughout aisles spanning two football fields used this WebApp to locate equipment throughout the data center. 


What to expect?

A graphic artist at heart but with a technical background. Originally trained in Commercial Art then spent 40 years as a software consultant in the Information Technology. Once heard to say "While it needs to work, it's got to look good too."

Professional customer-focused background

Only works with highest quality tools, content, and companies

Not just technical solutions but creative ideas too