About Dave


It’s All About Me

I’m a married father of two boys living in Leander north of Austin, Texas. I am into computers. My wife Mary is into horses. My son Chris is an Aerospace Engineer and 2nd Lieutenant in the Texas National Guard. My son Shawn is a sophomore at Austin Community College studying Computer Science.

I want to make this web site a place where I can share things I’m interested in with other people. My wife always points out how narcissistic I am, so to put it another way, this web site is all about me.

Favorite Subjects:

World politics, last night’s Daily Show, the last book I read, cultures around the world, Macintosh versus Windows, new ways to think about things.


Ben Bova, Dale Brown, Dan Brown, Tom Clancey, Arthur C. Clarke, Steven Coonts, Clive Cussler, Michael Crichton, Nelson DeMille, Vince Flynn

Favorite MusicAL ARTISTS:

The Beatles, Cat Stevens, Chris Isaak, The Doors, Credance Clearwater, Deep Purple, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Enigma, Hans Zimmer, Jethro Tull, Neil Young, Nora Jones, Phil Collins, Pink Floyd, The Police, Sarah McLachlan, The Who, Yes.

Favorite TV SHOWS:

In Treatment, 30 Rock, My Name is Earl, The Daily Show, NBC Nightly News, The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, Morning Joe, Worldfocus, Saturday Night Live, Real Time with Bill Maher, 60 Minutes, Dogfights (Not the Michael Vic kind. I’m talking about the History Channel show on aerial combat), and on Sunday: Sunday Morning CBS, Face the Nation, Meet the Press, This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Fareed Zakaria GPS, McLaughlin Group


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