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Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code, or IaC, refers to IT automation techniques that provision computing resources with software tools, code, or definition files rather than the previous manual configuration processes. Computing resources can range from compute, storage and network resources to applications and their environment, database, data protection, data access, and security policies.

The cloud is not just someone else's computer. Along side the agility provided by usage based consumption models, Infrastructue as Code is what makes all forms of cloud computing revolutionary, be they public, private, or hybrid cloud. It is the automation and resulting simplification provided by code that visibly differentiates cloud computing from models of the past.

As a result, today's IT organizations must evolve from documenting tedious manual procedures and run-books to developing Service Catalogs using codified workflows. This raises the need for new skills within the IT Operations and Service Engineering functions.  

EduMethods' mission is to help your organization through the process of evaluting languages and tools, where to use each, architecting an automation framework, defining interfaces between control domains, and building, testing, and deploying your automated Service Catalog.