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Experience and Expertise

The EduMethods web site is the creation of Dave Korns, a consultant in the field of IT infrastructure automation, orchestration and DevOps. Dave focuses on enabling IT organizations to realize the value of automation in their infrastructure provisioning and DevOps initiatives. Review his resume, shared knowledge, and history of satisfied clients below.


Served with technology suppliers and partners for 4 decades. Current focus is data storage and hypervisor automation. Career history in software development, networking, and management software. Click ´┐╝for resume.

Shared Knowledge

Strong belief in sharing knowledge and code. Internet sharing is a reflection of how all of mankind's innovations are really built on the shoulders of others. Click for a compilation of recent knowledge sharing contributions.

Client List

Recent clients include American Greetings, Atlassian, Disney, Electronic Arts, ExxonMobil, Integris Health, LDS Church, Nielsen Holdings, Sentara Healthcare, Southwest Energy, Southwest Airlines, and Verizon. Click for an overview.

Shared Knowledge

A compilation of code and articles related to automation, orchestration, and DevOps.

  • EDM-Pack ... Co-Authored with Mirko Van Colen, this was the first Community-generated and approved pack in NetApp's new (at the time) Automation Store. It is a NetApp Workflow Automation (WFA) pack for integrating Microsoft Excel data into WFA's cache database structure. It is used to develop workflows reflecting unique customer business rules and processes. ( User Guide )

  • ONTAP Simulator: Getting Started Quick ... A simplified set of instructions for setting up NetApp's ONTAP Simulator for a simple development or learning laboratory on your desktop or laptop. Could have been titled: ONTAP Simulator for Dummies.

  • Active Directory Datasource ... A Workflow Automation (WFA) data source and sample workflow for integrating Active Directory Users and Groups into WFA's cache database structure. Allows workflows to use dropdown menus with actual active AD users and groups when creating or editing storage shares or NTFS permission ACLs.

Client List

The following is an overview of the scope and accomplishments of recent client engagements.

  • American Greetings ... Conducted discovery workshop. Trained staff on automation tool concepts and development practices. Designed and developed initial prototype workflow to provision Fibre Channel LUNs for VMware datastores adhering to policies for LUN-to-volume ratios, LUN size, and SAN zoning for different dev/prod/test and SAP environments.

  • Atlassian ... Developed workflows and performance-oriented client-specific PowerShell code for automated Disaster Recovery testing and cutover including: Failover (quiesce, break, mount secondary), Resync (delete relation, create reverse and initialize) and Failback (stop secondary, perform updates, start primary, recreate relations). The solution was tuned for over 500 NFS volumes.

  • Disney ... Architected an automation tool dictionary structure reflecting Disney's business units, lines of business, environments, primary sites, secondary sites, and their data protection relationships. Developed and tested workflows for provisioning primary and secondary storage consistent with the architected structure and workflows for editing size, snapshots, CIFS/NFS policies and bulk volume mirror creation. 

  • Electronic Arts ... Designed and developed prototype workflows for game studios to automatically provision new MySQL cluster storage instances including integrated data protection and QoS settings based on the client's existing QoS architecture. Trained staff on automation tool concepts and development practices.

  • ExxonMobil ... Designed, developed and tested workflows for automating the pre and post phases of migration for hundreds of storage volumes based on a client-specific migration project worksheet. Integrated the client's project worksheet into the automation tool's database so that the pre/post migration workflows could properly set up new storage volume naming, size, remote mirror protection and virus scan settings automatically.

  • Integris Health ... Trained staff on automation tool concepts and development practices. Took existing customer workflows and enhanced to create multiple workflows for help-desk self-service handling department and user share quota resize requests while enforcing the company's existing capacity policies.
  • LDS Church ... Designed, developed and tested workflows to automate Microsoft SQL Server storage provisioning and decommissioning in a Microsoft clustered MSCS and SMB3 environment. Workflows operated against multiple sites and departments while enforcing MS-SQL clustering and naming conventions. Workflows integrated with Active Directory to create AD groups for share ACLs created. 

  • Neilsen Holdings ... Conducted discovery workshop and trained staff on automation tool concepts and development practices. Developed workflows to demostrate NFS and CIFS storage provisioning as well as some custom PowerShell code to overcome an automation tool limitation when dealing with multiple nested NFS export policies and rules.

  • Sentara Healthcare ... Developed and tested PowerShell scripts for Microsoft System Center to support existing ONTAP 7-Mode script-code and added clustered-mode. Included API enhancements and new code for provisioning CIFS, NFS and iSCSI storage and establishing mirrored volumes for data protection or migration. 

  • Southwest Airlines ... Participated in and lead ongoing automation discovery workshops. Designed, developed, and tested over a dozen workflows to provision storage, storage VMs, and datastores via operator GUI and RESTful calls from VMware vRealize Orchestrator (vRO). Initially covered 7-Mode storage environment and later expanded to encompass clustered-mode. Architected automation tool dictionary structures reflecting their Data Center of the Future architecture including data-protection-bands, quality-of-service-tiers and the provisioning of primary, secondary and tertiary storage and storage VMs across a multi-provider hybrid cloud environment.

  • Southwest Energy ... Designed and developed an end-user self-service provisioning workflow called directly from the company's Microsoft System Center (MSSC) Service Manager portal. Workflow completely automated the provisioning of new storage and three secondary copies used for both Disaster Recovery and long term backup retention across a multi-site environment. Scope included creating Active Directory DFS paths and NTFS permissions. Trained staff on automation tool concepts and development practices.
  • Verizon ... Designed and developed E-Series workflows for automated VMware datastore provisioning as well as ONTAP storage VM root volume protection. Integrated with VMware vCenter to obtain LUN mapping information. Built regularly scheduled workflow to perform root volume data protection on a routine basis. Trained staff on automation tool concepts and development practices.